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I'm Very Pissed off. First let me tell you that I will never ever use this so called "company" again. They really SUCK.

Excuse me for using that language, but the amount of BS these people gave me was unbelievable. Do yourself a favor and read all these reviews just to make sure you're not wasting your hard earned money on something useless.

First, i came to their website seeking for a professional looking logo for my small business, to be honest I felt that the designs they have on their website were bad, But i decided to give'em a chance.

I called them before purchasing and they sounded very friendly, but it all changed once I payed. They promised 5 logo concepts in 48 hours. All I got was 3 mediocre concepts that my 3 year old could have done, when I asked about my other 2 concepts all i got was the initial concepts but in different color.

Wait! there's more...

Naturally i asked for a refund, and guess what they could not refund my money because they worked on my logo.


After I said i was going to complain with the BBB They offered me a partial refund. They kept $45 dollars for processing fees.

I'm very disappointed, the BBB or the US government should keep an eye on those foreign people who sell services here in the US. after doing a research I found that this company is not even located in this country, they all outsource the work to Colombia South America.

Please beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Logo Boutique Logo Design.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #822790

Let me get this right, you didn't like there work, but you payed anyways, then when you don't like what they made for you, you want a refund.

Dang your ***!

I already know I don't like Rap music, so guess what? I am not going to buy a rap album and hope I like it.

It's not there fault your ***, art is a point of view, if you don't like what they have done before, don't buy it thinking there style will suddenly change.


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