Normally my reviews are positive and enlightening about a company or it’s products. Today we have the other type of review, you know the one where a company seems to have it’s act together but then shows their true colors once the purchase is made.

That is what I realized shortly after purchasing a $149 logo design package from the logo boutique. Their gallery really looked impressive, stylish modern logo designs, compelling sales pitch. I needed a good brand-able logo for my supertechs.org project. So I selected them from a handful of potential vendors.


What happened next completely threw me off balance. their ‘initial designs’ looked like they were done by someone in fifth grade. Completely horrible to say the least. I advised them of this, they responded with more ***.

Their design team is horrible. Not one of the 15+ designs I was forced to look at appealed to me or anyone else that I had the courage to show.

Once I had enough of their poor work, I asked to cancel the order and requested a refund.


Somehow during the course of this ‘project’ email stopped coming in advising me of updates to the message board. I had to logon to find out what was going on. I was informed that since the project had started, I could not receive a refund. That I could only get a credit applied to another project.

Hello! Why on earth would I want another project with these people is beyond me. They completely suck at making a decent logo. Save your money, head over to digital point forums and start a logo design contest. I have scored way better logos there for a lot less money. For $40 you can see the awesome logo Alicia Garcia did for me at The Red Sunday band website.

IMHO you will be wasting your time with the logo boutique. I waited for over a month to see if they would get it together and deliver….They cannot deliver.

Geek out!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Logo Boutique Logo Design.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #822787

Your full of junk, they do great work. You must work for someone else.

to Biff Malibue #999687

BS how much did they pay you to write this? Or is it the owner (Camille Rangel) responding??? The Logo Boutique doesn't do great work, they are scam masters.

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